Bank Fraud Charges and Sentencing

Federal Bank Fraud Charges and Sentencing

Are you a woman who has been arrested on Federal “bank fraud” charges under Title 18 USC § 1344 and face federal prison?

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What Is Bank Fraud?

Bank Fraud is a white collar federal crime that involves the defrauding or attempt to defraud a financial institution of money, assets, credit or securities by means of false or fraudulent pretenses. Filling out fraudulent loan documents, credit card applications, and writing bad checks could also be charged as bank fraud long with other criminal statutes.

Protected financial institutions are those charted in the U.S. and insured by the FDIC, National Credit Union Association and federally backed mortgage loan organizations.

18 USC 1344 – Bank Fraud Statute

The laws pertaining to Bank Fraud are outlined in 18 United States Code § 1344, which specifically prohibits the defrauding of financial institutions of money, securities or property and is intended to apply to check-kiting cases as well.

In the case of multiple defendants, can also be charged as a conspiracy pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1349 if it can be proven that others participated in a manner that furthered the crime.