Deep Meadow Correctional

Deep Meadow Correctional Center

3500 Woods Way
State Farm, VA 23160
(804) 598-5503Deep Meadow Correctional Center



Deep Meadow Correctional Center opened in 1989 and is located at 3500 Woods Way State Farm Virginia. It is a level II male facility holding inmates of all high, medium, low and minimum security operated as a state prison designation and classification center and run by the Virginia Department of Corrections.No Escape History within past 5 years. Single Life sentences must have reached their Parole Eligibility Date (PED). No disruptive behavior for at least past 24 months prior to consideration for a transfer to any less-secure facility.

Deep Meadow Correctional Center Visiting

All Virginia Department of Corrections institutions allow visiting on weekends and state holidays. Visitors must verify with the institution to determine which day(s) inmates can have visitors. To reduce crowding in the visiting room, Deep Meadow Correctional Center alternates days that inmates can be visited based on the alphabet or offender ID number. Prisoners are allowed a minimum of one hour per visiting day with visitors.

Effective April 1, 2014 visitors to Deep Meadow   may only be approved to visit multiple offenders if the offenders are immediate family members. Visitors will be limited to visiting only one offender that is not immediate family. Not immediate family may include, but is not limited to, fiancees, girlfriends, boyfriends, neighbors, cousins, and friends.

Deep Meadow Correctional Center Inmate Calls

Global-Telink also known as GTL owns and operates phones at Deep Meadow Correctional Center Center and provides prison call services at all Virginia state prisons run by the Virginia Department of Corrections. The current cost of 20 minute In State prison calls using is $5.20, with an Out of State GTL Prison call costing $4.20

Save Money On Virginia Prison Calls

  • 15 Minute In-State Call Using GTL……………..$5.20
  • 15 Minute Out-State Call Using GTL…………..$4.20
  • Any 15 Minute Call Using GTL and Pacific….$1.80

Save Up To $3.40 Per Call

By using Pacific Telephone Company’s Virginia Prison Call routing service along with GTL, you can legally lower the rates of Virginia Prison Calls to $1.80 for both In-State-Calls and Out-of-State-Calls from Deep Meadow Correctional Center with a substantial savings of $2.40 to $3.40 per 20 minute call over the current GTL rates. Contact Pacific Telephone correctional services today at 804.596.1100, and learn how to start saving on prison calls from the Deep Meadow Correctional Center.